Our History

SRM Concrete is a family owned and operated ready-mix company founded by Melissa and Mike Hollingshead in 1999.

We started Smyrna Ready Mix to service our own concrete needs, because we were not receiving reliable customer service from the local ready-mix companies.

With very little money and three trucks, we built a concrete plant in our own backyard at 4500 Hickory Grove Road in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Within six months of launching the company, other area concrete finishers began ordering.

Smyrna Ready Mix was founded for the purpose of providing superior customer service. Through hard work and the grace of God, Smyrna Ready Mix grew. Our company continues to expand, but our mission to provide every customer with quality concrete and unmatched service remains the same.

The dedication and determination from an outstanding group of Mixer Operators drives the business growth and has allowed SRM Concrete to add more than 4,000 employees in 13 states.


2021 SRM Acquires Jones & Stone Drilling in Middle Tennessee
2021 SRM Acquires Bowling Green Concrete in South Central Kentucky
2021 SRM Acquires T&H Concrete Products in Lewisburg, TN
2021 SRM Acquires Indiana Phoenix Mixer Company
2021 SRM Opens Quarry in Smyrna, TN
2021 Hollingshead Cement Opens Cement Terminal in Middletown, OH
2021 SRM acquires 24 plants from Argos in the Dallas/Fort Worth market.
2021 SRM acquires St. Johns River Concrete based in Palatka, Florida.
2021 SRM acquires Southeast Ready Mix based in Savannah, Georgia.
2021 SRM acquires Hicks Concrete based in Mulberry, Florida.
2021 SRM acquires Federal Materials Concrete based in Paducah, Kentucky.
2021 SRM acquires Bigos Precast based in Fowlerville, Michigan.
2021 SRM Acquires Transit Mix based in Johnson City, TN.
2021 SRM acquires North Alabama based Keenum Concrete.
2021 SRM opens new plant in St. Augustine, Florida.
2021 SRM opens new plant in Punta Gorda, Florida.
2020 SRM acquires Cornerstone Ready Mix based in Augusta, Georgia
2020 SRM acquires Detroit based McCoig Concrete.
2020 SRM acquires Sagamore Ready Mix in the Indianapolis market.
2020 SRM acquires Reed Ready Mix based in Huntsville, Alabama.
2020 SRM acquires Sequatchie Concrete serving the East TN, North AL, and North GA markets.
2020 SRM acquires Anchor Ready Mix based in Cincinnati, Ohio.
2020 SRM opens new plant in Panama City Beach.
2020 SRM opens sand plant in Crab Orchard, Tennessee.
2020 SRM opens new plant in Bartow, Florida.
2020 SRM acquires concrete company in Danville, Kentucky.
2020 SRM acquires Vulcan Materials in Richmond, Virginia.
2020 SRM acquires Bayou Materials in Jackson, Alabama.
2020 SRM opens Harbor in Panama City Beach, Florida.
2019 SRM acquires Premier Concrete and Elite in Georgia.
2018 SRM acquires Florida based Griswold Concrete and KMR Concrete.
2018 SRM acquires Ohio based Piqua Concrete.
2018 SRM acquires Georgia based CAB Concrete and Candler Ready Mix.
2018 SRM acquires Kentucky based Grant County Ready Mix and Gallatin County Ready Mix.
2018 SRM acquires BayCrete Concrete and Alamo Ready Mix in Texas.
2018 SRM acquires Argos Panhandle division in Florida.
2018 SRM acquires Allied Ready Mix assets.
2017 SRM acquires Florida based Florida Roads.
2017 SRM acquires Kentucky based All-Rite Ready Mix and Tucker Ready Mix.
2017 SRM Acquires Indiana based Spurlino Materials.
2016 SRM acquires Florida based Superior Concrete, Xpress Materials, and A-Materials.
2016 SRM Acquires Kentucky based Kentucky Concrete.
2015 SRM acquires Flat Rock Concrete.
2015 SRM acquires Sequatchie Concrete assets in Middle TN.
2013 SRM acquires Metro Ready Mix.
2009 SRM acquires Coffee County Ready Mix.
2005 SRM acquires Eagle Ready Mix.
1999 Mike and Melissa Hollingshead founded Smyrna Ready Mix and build first plant in backyard