About Us

We are a Christian based, family owned company founded in 1999 by Mike and Melissa Hollingshead.

Our Story

We got started in the concrete business in the early 1990’s as concrete finishers. Our finishing business continued to grow and in the late 90’s the local ready mix companies struggled meeting our service demands. This helped drive the decision to get into the ready mix business. At first, we were only concerned about selling concrete to ourselves but soon after we got started in business, other finishers began calling.

Our first plant was built in the backyard of our first home, at 4500 Hickory Grove Road in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We had no experience in the business, nor did we know anything about concrete plants, but we figured it out and built the first plant ourselves. It was a struggle getting the money necessary to buy our first plant and to be able to buy the three trucks that we acquired at auction, but by hard work and the grace of God we made it through. The plant has been up and running for nearly two decades, and so much of our history is here.

We have since added over 1,000 employees and now have locations that span across the Eastern half of the United States.

Our mission from day one has been to take pride in producing quality concrete and provide top-notch customer service. Our team works diligently each day to produce quality concrete mixes and meet the delivery schedules of our customers. Our group of mixer operators is unmatched and they make our business run. We are thankful for the dedication of all of our team members. Their dedication has allowed us to grow our business into what it is today.

Our History